ALLOY: A blockchain platform to manage the reward system CF?
timer Published Date:13th Jan, 2018

Disarry and disaggreation of reward points to the point of being not used is real. We have tons of loyalty cards, points, and nowhere to keep track in a centralized locations. Alloy, a platform leveraging the blockchain technology to solve this problem is raising funds via initial token offerering. This solution looks elegant and promising to the consumers in a huge market.

According to the offical webpage,, the problem is of $48 Trillion dollars. There is about $360 Billion reward points sleeping on member accounts.

Reasons are
57% of the surveyed consumers did not know their point balance
38% among them were unaware of the exact value of their points
57% of consumers in a Reward program feel that it takes too long to earn a point or a mile
53% of the consumers weren’t interested in the type of Rewards offered
Source: Colloquy

The ALLOY platform aims to solve this problem, is Presenting...
Global Rewards Network : A Blockchain based Global Rewards Catalog connecting Brands, Publishers and Consumers on one Platform. The Global Rewards Network will allow the Users of partnered Brands and Publishers to link, combine and convert all their Reward points to a local Fiat Equivalent ($/¥/€/₹ etc..) which, in turn, can be redeemed against listed Products and services from other partnering Brands.

Which Virtual Currencies?
Global Rewards Network will support Virtual currencies that vary from your Existing Brand Reward/Loyalty Points to In-App credits to Other Crypto-currencies

Reward Points
In-Game Points

What is ALLOY?
ALLOY Tokens are the Reserve/Anchor currency for the entire ecosystem which will be the medium of exchange in conducting any transaction on the Global Rewards Network. Similar to how USD is the Global Reserve Currency or Anchor Currency facilitating International Trade by a common exchange factor, using ALLOY TOKEN, Partnering Brands & Publishers can set the exchange value for their reward points which will govern redemption in the ecosystem

REPAC (Real-time Points Adoption & Conversion)
On the surface, REPAC enables local Fiat transactions between parties making it frictionless for all businesses. Under the hood, REPAC uses Blockchain & ALLOY enabling global cross border transactions. This preserves the value for all three stakeholders i.e. Brands, Publishers, and Consumers, by converting the currencies & in-house points of different values to a common ALLOY baseline (based on the market value), in real-time, using Smart contracts to facilitate secure and auditable transactions.

How it works?
A User residing in India with Reward points, when travelling to New York will be able to redeem his points with a Local Brand using REPAC technology, thereby, creating a borderless Rewarding and redemption experience.

Features rewards publishers

Rewards Network Benefits

A Global Rewards Catalogue of highly diversified Goods & Subscription in exchange for the Reward points accumulated from different Brands & Publishers

An opportunity to exponentially expand loyalty/redemption partnerships across the globe and to have reduced on-book liability through increased redemptions

A new tangible way to reward users for their engagement without the hassle of building and managing a Rewards engine or an exit catalogue on their own

Token Sale Terms

100 Million Tokens
Maximum cap on crowdsale: 86,956 ETH
Total token supply: 100 million (100,000,000) ALLOY, of which:
50% Allocated for Token Sale
20% Retained for Founders, Core Team & Early Backers
30% Percentage of tokens Reserved for facilitating Transaction & Incentives
1 ETH = 575 ALLOY
Purchase methods accepted: BTC and ETH

Benefits & Privileges

Token Holder Privilege Pass
Upto 2% additional cash back & discounts
Early access to the Rewards Network
Prestige Plus “Priority Pass” membership
Early access to use ALLOYs for redemptions
Consumer Cashback
Consumers will earn 0.5% of the checkout value as ALLOY Cashback during checkout in the Rewards Network


Fund raising & Distribution
Conducting the Pre-ICO & ICO Sale of ALLOY Tokens Token Distribution to all the Stakeholders

-Q4 2017
Legal, Recruitment & Technology
Recruitment for Key Talents Legal, Financial planning & Framework for APAC market
Building the core technology on Blockchain
Alpha Consumer App Launch for Android

-Q1 2018
Upgradation & Phase I Launch
Updating the existing components with Blockchain technology
Establish strategic Partnerships with Major Brands
Launch of Micro Redemption Catalogue in APAC (Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, India)
Setting up an Outbound Publisher Acquisition channel for the Rewards Network
Prepare for Launch in Canada, Spain
Legal, Financial planning & Framework for Canada & Spain
Beta Multi-language Consumer App Launch for Android & Web

-Q2 2018
Expansion of Micro Redemption Catalogue with Brand Partners in Canada & Spain
Partnership with Gaming companies to the Reward Network
Partnership with Major Banks, Hotels, Airlines
Prepare for Launch in UK & Australia
Legal Structure, Financial planning & Framework for UK & Australia
Beta Multi-Language Consumer App Launch for iOS
Initiations of Telco’s & utilities partnership in the respective Geography of operations
Acceptance of ALLOY directly for Redemptions

-Q3 2018
ALLOY Accepted; Catalogue & Geography Expansion
Launch of Macro Redemption Catalogue
Prepare Launch of USA & Japan Market (Brands, Publishers, Partnerships)
Legal Structure, Financial planning & Framework for USA & Japan market
Partnership with Major Banks, Hotels, Airlines in operating Geographies
Final Rewards Network Multilingual Consumer APP & Web rollout

-Q4 2018
Cryptocurrency Accepted
Accepting other CryptoCurrency into the Rewards Network
Expansion to Canada & EMEA

-Q1 2019
Further expansion to USA, Japan, Brazil, Korea and other countries & development

-Q2 2019
Why Back Us?
Codemojo is an Investor backed technology startup that has a proven track record of executing customer engagement solutions across 100s of renowned brands. We will be using Blockchain & Smart contracts to upgrade our existing Rewards Network for a seamless & secure Global Usage

Existing Product
Our core products have been in use by Brands since 2015 & have been battle tested to scale, serving millions of API calls every month

Proven Rewards Network
Rewards network is our existing product with a network of 25mn users which has connected 100s of brands & 1000s of website and app publishers

Investor Backed
We have been validated & backed by renowned CIOs of the Industry who form CAN (CIO Angel Network)

Low Risk
ALLOYs invested today can be used to redeem real world merchandise & services during Phase II

With the team of Codemojo, an established site, and the an excellent team behind the proposed solution, This is an interesting token offering. Give them a consideration. 


अल्टिमेट आकाश

अल्टिमेट आकाश

लेखक : Santosh Lamichhane

मिती : November, 2018

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मुना मदन

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चामल खानेहरू र चौलानी पिउनेहरू

चामल खानेहरू र चौलानी पिउनेहरू

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अल्टिमेट आकाश

अल्टिमेट आकाश

रचनकार : Santosh Lamichhane

प्रकाशन: November, 2018

बितरक : Samakalin Sahitya Pratisthan

मुना मदन

मुना मदन

रचनकार : Laxmi Prasad Devkota

प्रकाशन: Evergreen