CoinMetro: Selling Crypto made easy, a new ICO
timer Published Date:14th Jan, 2018

With so many crypto-currency in the market and so much disarray in the ecosystem, there will certainly be the need and the emergence of right platforms and groups that will bring convenience, transparency, and contribute to a greater leveraging and adoption of blockchain technology.

A COIN (XCM) token is currently being offered in a pre-sale. It is being called a unique digital asset that powers CoinMetro, a one-size-fits-all fin-tech platform fueling the future of blockchain innovation.

The launching team wants to push transparency that will benefit all by creating a one-of-a-kind financial exchange ecosystem that will drive the future of blockchain innovation

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According to the CoinMetro's official page, 

The platform will help

Buy and Sell Crypto
Buy Bitcoin with Ease
Think a blockchain is an accessory used by some 90’s rap icon to hang a hood ornament around his neck? No problem. Open an Account, fund that account, click to buy and get the best price available.

Instant Withdrawals
A Debit Card for the Crypto Generation
Access to your money now, no approvals, no waiting. What a unique idea. Instant access to cash from your Crypto balances. Easy, fast, and convenient. No banking license needed.

Decentralized Exchange
Institutional grade order matching for the crypto space
Built from experience, complex on the inside, easy and intuitive on the outside. Trading is serious business and the business of trading is not something you want to leave in the hands of inferior technology.

The Give and Take
Crypto lending made Easy. Lend, Collect, Repeat
Want to earn interest on your CryptoCurrency Balances? Post an Offer, lend some margin, make some interest. Looking to trade on higher leverage? Click Accept. Simple and efficient.

High Leverage OTC Crypto Trading
Crypto meets Forex
Trade the ‘majors’ at 1:50 leverage. We offer the highest OTC Crypto Leverage in the industry on OTC non-deliverable digital assets.

The Crypto ETF Board
Diversification in the blockchain era
Allowing investors to diversify their CryptoCurrency Portfolios in a few easy clicks. Think Mutual Fund meets ETF meets digital assets meets automated portfolio management.

Tokenized Asset Management
Tokenize your investment portfolio
Managers create TAM tokens governed by smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain. Investors purchase these tokens, the funds are placed into trade, and the profits are shared based on the underlying smart contract.

Vetted ICO Marketplace
The missing piece of the ICO Ecosystem
Launching an ICO? Our powerful ICO Express Platform means a transparent and secure funding round for your project and it means your token will be tradable and LIQUID immediately after your ICO ends inside our main exchange.

The team behind the platform looks strong.

For technical folks, the whitepaper is here. Do your due diligence but this looks promising and the team looks strongly positioned. More details are here:

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मुना मदन

मुना मदन

लेखक : Laxmi Prasad Devkota

मिती : Evergreen

चामल खानेहरू र चौलानी पिउनेहरू

चामल खानेहरू र चौलानी पिउनेहरू

लेखक : Santosh Lamichhane

मिती : September, 2015

अन्तर्मनको यात्रा

अन्तर्मनको यात्रा

लेखक : Jagdish Ghimire

मिती : 2012

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मुना मदन

मुना मदन

रचनकार : Laxmi Prasad Devkota

प्रकाशन: Evergreen

चामल खानेहरू र चौलानी पिउनेहरू

चामल खानेहरू र चौलानी पिउनेहरू

रचनकार : Santosh Lamichhane

प्रकाशन: September, 2015