Thrive, Blockchain Based Advertising Platform
timer Published Date:6th Feb, 2018

It is a due time that marketing is thought out in more pragmatic and effective way. Whether we agree or not, marketing is an area that can certainly leverage a state of the art technology like blockchain.

Good news is that, Thrive, a new Blockchain based Marketplace to BUY and SELL Advertising at very low fees is being developed by an enthusiastic team. According to the platform's claim, people will get PAID for data sharing and for reviewing the quality of each website in the ecosystem. So, essentially, all the participants are actually taking back the control of what we want to advertise, share, and see on the internet.

The platform wants to transform the digital advertising by addressing concerns of brand safety and transparency. Companies do not control if their advertisement will appear in a well-known premium title. For brands that want to appear next to several premium placements in one go, there is not really a quick-and-easy way of doing that since today’s marketplace is not geared up to this way of working. What advertisers need is something that has been talked about quite a lot before, but never fully realized — A PREMIUM DECENTRALIZED AD MARKETPLACE.

As of today, several attempts to achieve this utopian ideal failed. The establishment of clear ground rules and strict membership criteria to ensure all publishers pass the premium and transparency test were led by giant ad networks trying to push only for their agenda and personal interests.

But over the last few years, Blockchain has emerged as a potentially disruptive technology based on the concept of a decentralized and distributed consensus ledger. Thrive is strongly convinced this new paradigm would be the enabler of making the future of digital marketing becomes true. Thrive Labs ambition statement is to “build a better internet”, together.

Thrive ultimate goal is to establish the first meritocratic & community-based Premium Advertisement Market Place, where all participants become strong contributors in defining clear publisher interests, commercial benefits and self-reinforcing processes to make joining the group a no-brainer.


Thrive believes the community is the backbone of its business model, therefore all main actors who are actively contributing to the Ad Market Place development such as Consumers, Reviewers, Advertisers and Publishers are eligible to improve their economic performances. This game changer concept in the digital advertising industry is strictly regulated by a Transparent and Meritocratic reward model ensuring the full reserve token re-distribution upon the ramp-up phase gets accomplished.

Thrive Labs is a Weboom LTD company, the #4 value-added services merchant in Italy with a strong experience in digital advertising domain. In 2015, Weboom LTD was mentioned among the AdWords top 10 spenders in digital advertising making its first appearance in the digital advertising industry. The experience gained in running high margins online and web-based marketing services across 9 international markets over the past years guarantees solid foundations and the right mix of business skills to make Thrive a success.

To summarize, with what was being discussed above, these would be the reasons to participate in THRIVE's token sale, (THR)? What value does it add and what features does it bring to the table?

a) Users and Websites reward. User behavior and search data are worth billions to companies, finally, users and website owners get compensated.

b) Reviews Opportunity.
Potential reviewer yearly income up to 27K€ tokens equivalents.

c) Advertisers/Publishers opportunity. Participating in TGE rounds means securing advertisement packages in a Premium Ad Marketplace with lowest fees and best conversion ever.

d) Full reserve redistribution. The entire crowd sales reserve will be redistributed to Thrive, consumers, advertisers, and publishers contributing to the initial platform ramp-up phase.

e) Efficiency, Accuracy & Reputation. Thrive will dramatically improve Digital marketing efficiency, re-targeting accuracy with the best DMP in the market and brand protection.

f) Full transparency. The extended Thrive business plan including Market research, P&L projections, Balance Sheet projections, FCF projections and Company evaluation will be at the full disposal of Private-Sales participants.

Token Generation Event

Total Supply: 200’000’000 THRT + Bonus (Supply type fixed)
Goal: 50’000’000 EUR
1 THR will be corresponding to 0.5 EUR The amount of THR tokens per 1 ETH might vary due to the movement of the Ethereum price.
Thrive is planning to schedule 1 private round plus 2 public rounds. The tokens total supply fixed as declared. Smart contracts for all token sales will undergo independent third-party audits from credible companies before launch to ensure the security and integrity of the code.

The Thrive Token (THRT) is an ERC-20 standard Token.

All wallets supporting ether, including Jaxx,, and Ethereum Wallet support ERC-20 compliant tokens.

a) Purchaser Eligibility & KYC / AML Compliance

All rounds will strictly follow KYC (Know your customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) policies. The participants’ personal information and identity proofs are then computed and compared to a legal database. Please note: Only 99 “accredited investors” from the USA will be accepted (as defined in section 501 of the securities act).

All tokens will be generated and distributed only once the TGE is completed. Shortly after THR tokens will be exchange traded.

All unsold token will be reserved and meritocratically redistributed to the community during the ramp-up phase.

As soon as Thrive Blockchain is ready to support the ramp-up phase, Thrive Coins will be distributed and exchanged 1:1 with TRH Tokens. Thrive Coin is native to Thrive, it is the only currency used in the marketplace THRT Tokens do not represent company shares or give rights to revenue sharing.

Thrive Labs is reserving the option to repurchase THRT tokens at a premium once Thrive coins are made available.

The extended Thrive business plan will be at the full disposal of Private-Round participants following the NDA signature. Tailored made deals.

b) Tokens Distribution

53% will be allocated for Private and Public Tokens rounds.
17% will be reserved for Thrive team. These tokens will be locked for 24 months after the completion of the token generation event with the 1-month cliff (or until the launch of proprietary Thrive Blockchain).
1% will be reserved for Advisors and Partners. These tokens will be locked for 12 months after the completion of the token generation event with the 1-month cliff (or until the launch of proprietary Thrive Blockchain).
2% will be reserved for bounties campaigns.
27% will go to reserve and will be fully redistributed to reward Thrive community during the ramp-up phase.

c) Budget Allocation

57% will cover team salary, new hiring, external consultants, administrative expenses and research activities.
13% will cover business development, board advisors, and travel expenses
22% will cover marketing expenses.
4% will be cover legal expenses and advisory.
4% will be reserved as a contingency for unplanned expenses.

Roadmap and More Info?

Currently, the platform is raising funds in a form of initial token offering. The Thrive Token (THRT) is an ERC-20 standard Token. The idea looks very neat and the team looks strong. Marketing and advertising is a very important aspect of the consumer economy. Many resources have been spent on improving and making marketing effective. The field has a huge potential.

The official webpage has a detailed description of how the team will move ahead with collected funds as well as the schedule of the token offering. Please do your due diligence. The links to the respective things are provided below.


More Information:

Webpage :
Whitepaper :
Twitter :
Facebook :
Telegram :


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