Tursted Health ICO : A neat blocakchain based healthcare solution
timer Published Date:22nd Feb, 2018

Block chain technology has a lot to offer and this certainly means it can be a helpful system in healthcare, especially where people's life is in question. Trusted Health is a new block chain based platform that wants to solve the problem of patient and doctor-centric health ecosystem. It wants to bring specialized medicine engineered on blockchain. While that sounds like a too technical and unrealistic premise, the team looks strong and has a great whitepaper.


You may be wondering what is specialized medicine anyway? and how is it life saving?

As more life threatening disease like cancer infect people, a one size fits solution is not going work and a special care and medication would be helpful for case by case basis. This is where the Trusted Health would add value, by bringing in specialized knowledge to each special case.

Also, the team claims that they know the specialized medicine sector well since they began their journey with Trustedoctor in 2016. Since then Trustedoctor (LINK) has helped over 300 cancer patients from more than 25 countries, by linking them to the world’s leading doctor specialists and offering them a priceless second opinion leading in some cases to treatment and life-changing experiences.

What value can be added in the existing system?

1. Bring right medical expertise in one place

2. Bring the knowledge together in one place to diagnose correctly 

3. Collaborate effectively among medical practicioners globally

4. Create a large accessible health data

5. Create consistent rules and permissions to access the patient data

6. Make one data standard

7. Create transparant and fraud proof system

A two step solution

1. TrustedDoctor - A working platform with a track record of saving human lives (https://trustedoctor.com/)

TrustedDoctor track record since 2016:

200+ Cancer patients linked to the best possible treatment
25+ Countries
85+ specialised and recognized doctors and specialists
30+ Patients organizations and hospitals joined the network

b. Academics, Harvard New Venture competition February 2017 - Finalist

c. In Media, BBC News, Digital Health

2. TrustedHealth (www.TrustedHealth.io)

TrustedHealth is a patient and doctor-centric health ecosystem in specialised medicine engineered on blockchain. Along with Trustedoctor, TrustedHealth is an ecosystem that goes beyond just patient care, using technology and community to find cures, share information, analyse illnesses and save lives.

With implementation of blockchain technology and issuance of the Health Token (TDH), TrustedHealth will be able to build a holistic network of healthcare services in specialised medicine and focus on finding the best methodologies to deliver better health outcome for patients in life-threatening diseases from anywhere in the world

Why Blockchain though?

For better  security  of  medical  data, a a peer-to-peer decentralised storage system holding shredded and encrypted data on dispersed servers connected with Ethereum blockchain.

● Make it more reliable, not all eggs in one basket
● Diminishes the privacy breaches by one single entity (who holds the data)
● Your encrypted files are spread across multiple nodes or hosts
● No single host holds any significant piece
● Decentralised distributed storage network
● Improves speed, reliability and availability
● All transactions are audited
● Tracked by smart contacts (no abuse of privacy), transparency assured​· everything is time-stamped, delivering secure integrity of data
● Reduce the storage costs – far more affordable for hospitals
● Decentralised cloud is on average 10x less expensive than current cloud storage providers. Storing 1TB on SIA costs US$2 per month, compared with US$23 on Amazon S3

For data storage customisation thanks to blockchain overlay ​which allows for the easy adjustment of the storage to relevant national regulatory requirements. It also allows for ease of participation and the use of smart contracts to know where the data is stored and by whom. Geolocation of stored data is managed and defined in the algorithm which follows the regulatory rules of each network participant based on the country of origin and type of data.

For increased interoperability of patient data records ​between systems allowing for easy data sharing and common research. 

For control of the data by patients and doctors.

For smart contracts to allow for rewarding of the data uploader and storage  provider.


PRESALE: March 20th at 12.00 CET

TDH Token Info
Token name: ​TDH
Total tokens minted: ​300M TDH
Soft cap: ​1000ETH - REACHED
Hard cap: ​75000ETH
Tokens on public offering: ​150M TDH
Price of TDH token: ​0.00006 ETH
Blockchain: ​Ethereum (ERC-20)
Currency Accepted: ​ETH
*Unsold tokens will be locked for two years and reserved for community growth.

For More Information. 

Website: https://trustedhealth.io/ 
Medium: https://medium.com/trustedhealth-io 
Telegram: https://t.me/TrustedHealth_io 
Twitter: https://twitter.com/_trustedhealth


अल्टिमेट आकाश

अल्टिमेट आकाश

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मुना मदन

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चामल खानेहरू र चौलानी पिउनेहरू

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अल्टिमेट आकाश

अल्टिमेट आकाश

रचनकार : Santosh Lamichhane

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मुना मदन

मुना मदन

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